travel | czech republic

Hello there! So, in the past few months I made a few fairly life-altering choices — quit my job, hopped on a plane to Europe, finished my MBA. Life is a little strange right now (clearly 2020 is in control) and I’ve decided to just go with it. In the beginning of September I flew… Continue reading travel | czech republic

pivní guláš | goulash with beer

I’m back! I took a two week quarantine from this site I guess. So, while everyone is staying home (for the most part) as much as possible, I’m here to introduce you to a pretty much pantry-staple friendly recipe that happens to be one of my favorites. I make it once a month (at least)… Continue reading pivní guláš | goulash with beer

mini post | donuts & dogs

Just the one dog. Still. Really just the one donut too (for me). Working on writing up a few more recipes today, some home DIY attempts, and doing an arm load of homework. Just wanted to give a quick shout out to these awesome people at the Donut Drive-In! My roommates’ been going pretty much… Continue reading mini post | donuts & dogs

borůvkový český koláč | blueberry koláč

What if I told you…I was on somewhat of a blueberry bender. As in, I’ve been making my roommates suffer (SUFFER) through eating pie after pie after pie for WEEKS. In case you missed it, this is technically a two part post – a little while ago, I made a more detailed post about this… Continue reading borůvkový český koláč | blueberry koláč