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So we’re all living from our freezers right now, right? Is that what’s happening at your house?

When I was in college and cooking only for myself, I started consistently buying those single serving frozen fish fillets in a bag. I no longer cook only for myself (I’ve actually been conned into meal prepping the vast majority of the time) but I still buy those fish fillets. Never have I been happier to have a bag of those stashed away. #quarantinelife

Photo bomb alert

My boyfriend (N) is actually allergic to fish, but we have crazy separate work schedules, so I’ll occasionally make myself this meal whenever we can’t eat together/I’m bored of whatever I made earlier and need a change.

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a guideline, and feel free to sub whatever you have on hand (salmon, chicken breast, tofu…). We generally have a pot of cooked rice in the fridge, but this would still be nice with pasta/couscous/bread/whatever.

Start out with a few frozen fish fillets, defrosted, and lay them on a paper towel. Cover with tajin (a Chile lime seasoning blend), garlic powder, and some fresh pepper.

Heat up a frying pan on medium, drizzle in some olive oil/fat of your choosing and place your fish fillets in. Season the other side.

Once things are getting toasty I like to throw in some frozen veggies so they have time to thaw and get a little crisped up by the time the fish is done. Flip the fish over, and fry until it’s white all the way through.

I like to serve this on a bed of rice or quinoa, whatever’s in the fridge at the time. I LOVE avocado sliced right on top and the whole thing drizzled with soy sauce. That’s it!

Time to grab a fork and dig in, before somebody with Sméagol eyes eats it for you.

What are your favorite easy meals?


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