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What have I been doing dUrInG QuaRaNTIne?

Spending a lot of time with family. Nitpicking about my house. Forgetting about everything I nitpicked over the inside of the house and threw all my energy outside of my house (every. summer.). Getting into new (to me) podcasts. Grilling. Cooking. Baking. Yes, sourdough* has taken over my baking life like it has to everyone else.

Biggest strawberry harvest yet! Hope they don’t all die when I transplant them later this summer.

My mom had a birthday, and it was mother’s day, so I made her a patio planter (on wheels!). I want to write a post for this but recipes are one thing and how-to-DIY plans are another, so we’ll see.

We’ve been working on a lot of stuff outside, guys.

Current projects:

  • backyard fence (#fenceproject2020)
  • rain garden
  • pollinator island
  • side yard updates
  • concrete slabs (my dad has dubbed himself the concrete man if anyone’s curious)
  • berry garden
Cedar for the fence. Random bit of chain link on the ground. Grass covered in concrete remnants. Pollinator island/berry patch/rain garden kinda visible in the background.

There are way more that are milling around in my head, but will be for later on, like:

  • a front yard pollinator/elderberry berm: my front yard has a water shut off valve access, which is very visible, just really annoying to mow around. So I’m thinking of making a berm (mulch island that’s a little raised) around it and putting some plants in it so it’s still easily accessible and visible, just not as much of a pain.
  • front yard pathway
  • side yard fencing update (most likely next year–cedar is expensive y’all)
  • concrete back patio extension
  • back yard hosta/shade garden
  • all the indoor projects that I’m ignoring

So much stuff! N is so annoyed because my brain jumps from idea to idea and so he finally made me write multiple lists of what I want to do with this place. The lists above do not include all of the decidedly less sexy home improvement/maintenance things we have to get done sooner rather than later (tile re-sealing and baseboard caulking, anyone?).

I’ve also gotten into eating healthier and have taken up yoga at home (which I could be much more consistent with)–my gym is open butttt I’m not quite ready to face the gym in a mask, so, we’ll see.

How have you guys been holding up? What new things have you learned? I’ve gardened for as long as I’ve lived here, but I’ve definitely gotten way more into it as a result of the current situation. Have you started a garden? Let me know in the comments below!

*I love my little sourdough starter. It’s named Freddy. However, because I have it, I have to use it, which is a double edged sword. My recs: only start a sourdough starter if you enjoy baking every 1-2 weeks and don’t mind the upkeep. Here’s my favorite sourdough discard recipe, and our personal weekly fave. I sub the buttermilk with kefir, because I never have buttermilk but always have kefir.


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