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Hi guys! It’s been so long since I’ve checked on this little corner of the internet that I half expected cobwebs. Happy that I don’t have to do much virtual dusting.

I’ve been pretty uninspired to write for the last few months, mainly because I work in the healthcare field so my brain’s been preoccupied, and then more horrible things started happening (2020 FTW I guess) so my attention was, again, (rightfully) elsewhere.

However, out of these times has come so much inspiration–way more than I ever thought possible.

Every summer, I lean into outdoor projects, but this summer feels different-I feel more purposeful, and yet all my gardening adventures feel like the beginning of a new journey. I’m super excited!

With all these new ideas and inspiration sources and different ways I’m spending my time, I’ve had to figure out what direction I want this blog to go into. My original intent was to create a cooking/baking blog that would feature restaurants/local food businesses in St. Louis and the surrounding area that I’d informally review and encourage anyone to check out. These are all things I love doing, and things I love to share with my friends. On a personal note, I’ve noticed myself getting a little more withdrawn and reluctant to venture out of my house to explore since college–my hopes were for this blog to force me out of my rut.

AND THEN THE PANDEMIC HAPPENED. So I continued going, you guessed it, nowhere!

Honestly? I’ve really missed going out to eat, going to bars, going to the farmers market–but I’ve also delved a lot into more of my passions and interests that I’d laid to the side because I’d “defined” what I was going to write about, and if those things didn’t fit my planned content outline, I didn’t have time for them.

While technically efficient, this didn’t make the blog very fun, and soon, I lost interest. On a vain side note, it also didn’t make me feel better that my site, while REALLY NEW and with me HAVING NO EXPERIENCE didn’t magically look like the blogs that I’ve followed for years with creators who’ve been blogging for twice as long as I’ve followed them. Crazy, right?

I’m going to keep this space going. I will still post recipes. I will still write about (when available) the local food scene. I am, however, also going to ramble about my day to day when I feel like it, and post the DIYs that I do (and can find nowhere else), all my gardening escapades, and who knows what else. Because, ultimately, this is a more fun version of a journal.

Hope whoever’s here decides to stay, and I look forward to whatever comes next!


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