peppe’s apt 2 | restaurant

I’ve passed by Peppe’s Apt 2 driving to and from areas in Kirkwood for a few years, and this past weekend, I finally got to check it out. I can safely say it surpassed all of my expectations and has earned a spot as a firm favorite in our “special occasion” evening out category.

I love people’s homes that have been turned into restaurants. It’s quaint, unique, homey (naturally), and I just love it so much.

N and I were able to sit outside, although indoor seating (spaced apart) is also available. The outdoor seating area looks like a courtyard, with each dining area separated by pathways, plants, trees, shrubs, and so many roses. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a photo of the roses that were still in bloom; the perfume wafted over with each breeze. We did sit next to a few pretty friendly hostas though.

I’m always worried about mosquito bites when eating outdoors, but Peppe’s had numerous tiki torches lit–instead of 50 mosquito bites, I left with one.

After being seated by the friendliest wait staff ever, ordered drinks from the bar (whiskey for him, white wine for me), we were left to study over the menu. Peppe’s is a little different in that instead of buying individual items, you buy a number of courses. We went with three courses each ($65 per person) and can honestly say each was worth the money we paid. Let’s get down to the food, shall we?

First course: appetizers. This was my absolutely amazing shrimp scampi.
Appetizer: N’s meatball with marinara and polenta “fries” – I was almost jealous.
Second courses (pasta) : my pappardelle. I could’ve eaten five bowls of this, but the portions here are too reasonable.
N’s manicotti: This is probably the worst photo on here, but don’t let that fool you. This was absolutely delicious.
Third course (entree) : LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL FILET MIGNON. You guys. This was so good; it cut like butter. Served alongside perfectly seasoned veg and a cute little potato tower. And that gravy? Oh my God.
Ok, the entrees are where we had to plan a defense attack against each other. N chose the daily special, a rigatoni in tomato cream sauce with filet tips. Cheesy, creamy – amazing.

Time between courses was spent enjoying each other’s company, the foliage, and eavesdropping on other tables. The lovely owner walked around, saying hello to guests, and at one point, ran around with a pair of garden snips trying to find the perfect rose for a table arrangement.

It was absolutely wonderful–we couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate four years together.

Go check it out!


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