cyrano’s cafe | restaurant

A few weeks ago N and I decided to go on a little impromptu date night at one of my favorite places, Cyrano’s. Since patio dining is all the rage now, that’s where we sat. What started out as a muggy and ridiculously hot day turned into a cooler evening, and we were happy to spend a little time together not working on the house.

pre covid-19, when we could sit inside. Dreamy, pink, romantic, but not at all stuffy or sickeningly sweet — just as nice taking a group for a friend’s night out or a date for two

Cyrano’s really shines in the dessert department (massive sundaes with whipped cream mountains, flambé served table side..) but have you tried their food? Amazing sandwiches, perfect fries (I love the skinny kind–my date has a different opinion), and entrees that are as pretty as they are delicious.

I started with a Rum Chata cappuccino, which I immediately regretted, not because of how it tasted (amazing) but because I’d just ordered a hot drink on an even hotter day.

My date opted for water in lieu of a cocktail. We decided fries were a pretty nice starter and ordered some to share, with buttery aioli.

With the pile of foam on my cappuccino I tried very hard to create a foam mustache, with N dutifully taking a photo only to tell me after the fact that I had failed, miserably.

The menu is extensive without being intimidatingly large (Cheesecake Factory anyone?), and the specials change daily.

The cubano is my favorite; garlic mashed potatoes are also not to be missed (but I can never pass up garlic)

For mains I opted for one of the nightly specials – their house salad with balsamic and a pan seared salmon filet. I could have eaten three bowls of this, it was that good.

He opted for bacon wrapped meatloaf with veggies and garlic mashed potatoes (his favorite), swimming in bordelaise. I was only a little bit jealous.

Obviously, you can’t really go to Cyrano’s without having dessert. I don’t think it would count.

We were debating back and forth over the key lime pie vs the brown shugga pie (not a typo), can you guess which one won?

Carmelized, cookie, brown-sugary goodness under a whipped cream mountain – I think it’s worth mentioning that even though we’ve been together so long he still lets me have the last bite. Sometimes.

After dinner, I suppose you could kick back with the wine list or order a round of dessert martinis (tempting), but I have another idea.

Walk through the parking lot, past the fruit stand, and turn left onto any of the little side streets.

Keep going, down the sidewalk, and go dream house hunting. Webster Groves does not disappoint in adorable architecture and Pinterest-worthy garden scapes.

Walk off all those dessert calories alongside gingerbread houses (that’s how that works, right?), maybe make friends with a dog or two, watch the sun go down through the trees, and tell me how it went!


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