update | blog

Hi guys! It’s been so long since I’ve checked on this little corner of the internet that I half expected cobwebs. Happy that I don’t have to do much virtual dusting. I’ve been pretty uninspired to write for the last few months, mainly because I work in the healthcare field so my brain’s been preoccupied,… Continue reading update | blog


easy side | garlicky lemon asparagus

Hi friends! A quick, craveable, down and dirty side dish for you today: garlicky lemon asparagus. Or zucchini. Or carrots. Or pretty much any vegetable. With the days s l o w l y starting to warm up, I’ve been craving fresh, zingy, vegetables at all hours – this is our current favorite. Just look… Continue reading easy side | garlicky lemon asparagus

mini post | wishing

The travel bug bit me. I’ve been looking through old photos and planning all the trips I’d love to take as soon as it’s a little safer and restrictions are released. Spot me in the corner, cheesin’. The Eagle’s Nest, in Germany. A place with a stark and terrible history but ridiculously beautiful views. I’d… Continue reading mini post | wishing