český kolac | tvaroh

One of my favorite memories growing up was coming home from school to my grandma taking a freshly baked blueberry kolac from the oven. I started describing them as “blueberry fruit pizza” to my friends, as this was easier than a ten year old trying to teach Czech pronunciation to other ten year olds.

Pronounced “koh-lahch” (forgive my phonetic abilities, I’m doing my best), recipes will differ from family to family, across Czech Republic, and throughout Eastern Europe. I’ve been digging through a mountain of my grandma’s old recipes, and this one felt most fitting for one of my first posts.

My current favorite is rum raisin (also known as “cheesecake” or “tvarohovy”) which is the recipe we’ll be making today. A detailed ingredients list is included at the bottom of the page.

Click the link to head straight to the recipe.

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